Interactive Maths

Thanks to Ned Ghamraoui for his help in creating the code for the first file in this series. All the other files are simple adaptations of his original.

Learn your times tables: Interactive Multiplication Tables.

Addition Subtraction SmileyMaths Multiplication Division

Practise your:  AdditionInteractive Addition. Level 1
   Interactive Addition. Level 2
   Interactive Addition. Level 3
   Interactive Addition. Level 4
   Interactive Addition. Level 5
 SubtractionInteractive Subtraction. Level 1
  Interactive Subtraction. Level 2
  Interactive Subtraction. Level 3
  Interactive Subtraction. Level 4
  Interactive Subtraction. Level 5
 MultiplicationInteractive Multiplication. Level 1
  Interactive Multiplication. Level 2
  Interactive Multiplication. Level 3
  Interactive Multiplication. Level 4
  Interactive Multiplication. Level 5
 DivisionInteractive Division. Level 1
  Interactive Division. Level 2
  Interactive Division. Level 3
  Interactive Division. Level 4
  Interactive Division. Level 5